Benefits by the barrowful

Events like our Working Bee are the perfect demonstration of what community is all about. It isn’t just about how parents and other members of the school community co-operate to improve the physical environment; it’s also about how people focus on a shared purpose.


Because we are all individuals, with different tastes in recreation and different skills, we might only ever meet at the Working Bee, yet while we work together we share a common goal. And that sharing turns out to be fun and satisfying.

We meet people we didn’t know before, we organise and co-operate, and we share our different talents to achieve the goal. That is the perfect way of modelling for our children the kind of behaviour we want them to follow.


So a big thank-you goes to the parents and supporters who came along on Sunday.  And to those who brought your children along: a wise decision. Not only did you help us to reach our Working Bee goals, you demonstrated the power of co-operation and collaboration.


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